Today is Friday, and it’s Roe

So it’s finally happened. The Roe overthrow. Trump warned us when he was running in 2016. (I’m so grateful to the people who either didn’t vote, or wasted their votes on um . . . what were their names?) Our country continues its slow regression. Where back next? Contraception? Same sex marriage? Well at least Clarence Thomas won’t vote to outlaw interracial marriage because, well you know, his wife and all. The irony is that all the conservatives who wanted to grow the white population, (because, you know, the nation will be majority brown in twenty years) will be shocked at how the population will swell (pardon the pun) with underprivileged brown people as a consequence of their obsession. (Oh, and minorities tend to vote Democrat.) I’d suggest not having sex in states like Oklahoma, where some gentlemen wouldn’t hesitate to blow the uterus right off you if they thought you might be fertilizing there. And no exceptions for rape or incest in some states? These laws are probably promoted by men who prefer to you know, have sex with . . . okay, I won’t go there. Conservative women aren’t innocent either. It’s myopic not to consider the consequences of unwanted pregnancy. Research has shown that the socioeconomic outcomes for children whose mothers were denied abortions is catastrophic. And what about new mothers who resent their babies, or who feel trapped, or who aren’t automatically maternal? Do they put their children up for adoption? 90% don’t. You’ll definitely need to step in and do something about that. How absurd that the fate of women’s bodies in this vast country lay in the laps of nine people. Six who are woefully out of step with the majority of 21st century Americans. I won’t call them Justices, because there’s nothing just about what happened today. How sad that the Supreme Court is yet another political branch of our government.

Can Texas Women Travel to Mexico Now for a Safe Abortion?

I always thought Governor Abbott was an imbecile, (which automatically makes me smarter than him) and that he couldn’t possibly top his harebrained ban on masks, but I would be wrong. Sending women back into the dark ages with his new abortion law isn’t only asinine and sexist, it’s dangerous. But perhaps I shouldn’t speak up right now because he might be suffering from some bad period cramps . . . oh wait, he doesn’t have a period. Well then maybe he should keep his legislation out of my uterus. I particularly love the bounty on the body thing, but that’s another story. I’m sure you know about this, but I’m going to post portions of these articles anyway:

“MEXICO CITY, Sept 7 (Reuters) – Mexico’s Supreme Court unanimously ruled on Tuesday that penalizing abortion is unconstitutional, a major victory for advocates of women’s health and human rights, just as parts of the United States enact tougher laws against the practice.

The decision in the world’s second-biggest Roman Catholic country means that courts can no longer prosecute abortion cases, and follows the historic legalization of the right in Argentina, which took effect earlier this year.”

And from NPR:

“Now that women in Coahuila, which borders the state of Texas, can choose to terminate their pregnancies through the first trimester, Avila-Guillen suggests some American women may benefit from Mexico’s new law.

She asks: “Could the safest way for Texan women to have access to a safe, legal abortion soon be to make their way to Mexico?”

Who’d a thunk it? I love the irony. Maybe rape and incest victims won’t have to schlep so far away to end their trauma.

As a former Houstonian, born and raised, I’m ashamed about what’s happening to my state. I pray that one day a blue wave will rise up, cover the rot, and send the scoundrels running.