Shelley Stolaroff Segal is a playwright, actor, director, composer, and essayist. 

Her plays and monologues have been produced in the U.S. and Hawaii. She earned a degree in Brit. Lit. at UNC Chapel Hill and then attended the University of London. She received her drama training at the Drama Studio London and the CSC Conservatory in NYC. My Son, her play about autism and race, premiered in NYC and was a TNT POPS finalist. An abbreviated version was presented at TEDxEast in New York. The Road to Empathy, her mash-up of My Son and Driving Miss Daisy was presented at TEDxGreensboro. The Harmonica in Your Closet, was a winner in the 2021 Intl. Stage It! Play Festival. The Doghouse, won Best Long Comedic Monologue in the Avalonia 7 Theater Festival, and Cheating Schmeating was recently named as a finalist in Paradox Theatre’s New Works Festival. Segal’s one-woman show, Sidney in Focus, premiered in San Diego, and was performed at Curtains Theater in Houston and the Bailiwick Theater in Chicago. Other production credits include Bliss, a monologue play about marriage, Outing Your Autistic Child, which she performed and scored, and Not Strictly Vaudeville, which she performed and scored. She’s created multiple variety shows, and produced a scored storytelling series for at-risk children. International and regional stage credits include performances at the Bloomsbury Theatre in London, the Classic Stage Company in NYC, the North Coast Repertory Theatre in San Diego, and the Main Street Theatre in Houston. Non-fiction and anthology credits include The Washington Post, Blunt Moms, Autism/Asperger’s Digest, Chicken Soup, Multiples Illuminated, and From Sac Literary Journal.

Segal has worked in radio, TV, and film and directed both adults and children. Her music has been published in conjunction with the Miles Davis Jazz Orchestra and used in radio, short films and plays.

 I’m interested in politics, psychology, sociology, social history, relationships, and The Other.   I like cats, clogging, composing, eating, TCM, oddities, artifacts, Gothic horror stories, old dolls, and world history. I have a twitter page but I don’t tweet. I have a Linkedin page but I haven’t filled it all out yet. I have a FB page but I haven’t filled it all out yet. I have an Instagram page that I haven’t filled out at all. I have an Amazon page. 

Despite my background my blog isn’t a one-woman talk show–I welcome your thoughts, ideas, and commentary.