The Perfect Candidate

I promised my friends and family I wouldn’t discuss politics on my blog. But right now I can’t help myself. After much consternation, (not really) I’ve come up with a composite of the perfect presidential candidate for 2016. This lucky individual possesses:

The brains of Hillary Clinton,
The heart of Bernie Sanders,
The audacity of Donald Trump,
The humility of Jeb Bush,
The earnestness of Marco Rubio,
The serenity of Ben Carson,
The gravity of Rand Paul,
The conviction of Mike Huckabee,
The fervor of Ted Cruz,
The masculinity of Chris Christie,
The masculinity of Carly Fiorina,
The femininity of Lindsey Graham,
The steeliness of John Kasich,
And the anonymity of Martin O’Malley. (Martin who?)

(I can’t remember any of the other candidates.)
Oh, and they must show a willingness to work long hours. Day and night.
I vote for Batman.
You go, Batman.

4 thoughts on “The Perfect Candidate

  1. thelatchkeymom November 30, 2015 / 9:55 am

    Yes! This is perfect!!!!


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